The Greenways

Portions of four corridors are being evaluated for the near-term development of low-stress bicycle facilities as part of this Gables Greenways project. They include:

  • Salzedo Street/University Drive/Granada Boulevard
  • Riviera Drive
  • Andalusia Avenue/Aragon Avenue
  • Alhambra Circle

Temporary Demonstration Project

Two temporary separated bicycle facilities will soon be installed on portions of Salzedo Street and University Drive.  These temporary facilities will be protected from motorized traffic by 500-pound, decorative concrete planters full of beautiful vegetation.  This demonstration project will give people the opportunity to feel what it is like to ride a bike in a protected atmosphere and will beautify the area.  As the City strives to create the highest quality bike network for all ages and abilities, the demonstration project gives a sense for what one of the options being considered will look like. To see all the options under evaluation please visit The Options tab.