About this Project

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The City of Coral Gables has been working for the past few years to create safe, accessible bike infrastructure for commuters and people of all ages and abilities. In 2014, the City Commission adopted a publicly vetted bicycle and pedestrian plan. The City of Coral Gables’ Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan proposes more than 27 miles of new or improved bikeways, sidewalks and crosswalks. It recommends a comprehensive expansion of bike infrastructure that will appeal to all types of users. When people choose to use a bicycle as a mode of transportation, even for occasional trips, they are getting healthier and saving money while not adding to motor vehicle traffic; this will help balance the transportation system and contribute to a more vibrant and livable Coral Gables. A shift from driving to bicycling also helps to combat climate change and sea-level rise by reducing greenhouse gas emissions related to personal transportation.

Can you imagine commuting to work while having fun and de-stressing? That’s probably the opposite of what you experience now, if you're driving, but Coral Gables is working to provide safe bicycling options and encouraging you to try them.

The Gables Greenways project seeks to implement the most important bikeways identified in the Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan. The goal is to create the backbone of a low traffic-stress bicycle network. Low traffic-stress bicycle facilities are routes which minimize the bicyclists' exposure to moving automobiles, and create a route which is attractive and comfortable for people of all ages and abilities. This can be achieved by increasing the separation between bicycle and motorized vehicle traffic, whether through landscaped buffers, swales, or planters.